Angelic Minesweeper

100 mines left
You Win!


Sometimes you just have to guess. When you do, this "angelic" variant of minesweeper will move the mines around behind the scenes so you don't ever lose by guessing. This is different from picking a winnable arrangement ahead of time, and leads to more interesting situations!

If you lose, the game will highlight provably safe squares in green. Angelic Minesweeper will only try to save you when there are no provably safe squares. If you click on a square that must be a mine, Angelic Minesweeper cannot save you.

Controls: Left click to reveal a square. Right click to flag or unflag a square. (Flags don't affect the angel and you don't need to flag all the mines to win, but they prevent you from accidentally clicking on mines). Left click a number to reveal all of its unflagged neighbors if you have flagged the right number of mines.


Settings take effect when you start a new game.

Size: x
Always start on zero:

Modes: In standard mode, the angel will try to save you when you have no choice but to guess. In easy mode, the angel will always try to save you. In demonic mode, a demon will try to make you lose by shuffling around the mines in the background. Demonic mode takes away all luck: you must win on logic alone. The angel still intervenes in demonic mode, so guessing when you have no other choice is still safe.